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Flooring manufacturer on PVC flooring market misconceptions
Nov 14, 2016

1.PVC flooring in the name of domestic misunderstandings, referred to the plastic PVC more thought, many people think that plastics containing toxic substances, hazardous to human body. But not necessarily equate PVC flooring and plastic, PVC called polyvinyl chloride, PVC flooring must not contain formaldehyde, benzene and other toxic material decoration, no radiation, which belongs to the Green decoration materials will not bring harm to mankind. Also concerns about construction of glue contain formaldehyde, it is bad business to reduce costs, using inferior quality of glue, contain small amounts of toxins, but all brands of manufacturers of construction glue is green glue will not release harmful substances such as formaldehyde.
2. due to the unique advantages of PVC floor and huge development prospects, many domestic enterprises through the introduction of equipment, technology and then absorbed in research and innovation, in PVC sheeting and PVC composite materials have good technique, can produce high quality PVC flooring. But overall domestic production technology of PVC coiled material is still not perfect, still need to be developed. PVC flooring on the market right now, especially some of the material gathered in the town's small manufacturers who compete for the low end of the market, in order to meet customer satisfaction price low, but quality is not guaranteed. Resulting in poor quality PVC flooring market is flooded with people all misunderstanding of the nature of PVC on the floor. In order to protect the interests of consumers, it's also is the choice of leading brand products.