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Flooring Manufacturers how to buy wood flooring
Nov 14, 2016

1, and if not special of wood species, wood floor also don't selected too long too wide of, generally words, we can according to home in the of specifications to selected suitable of wood floor, so also conducive to we device, if selected too big words, we in device of time also is trouble, so said selected wood floor Shi on selected suitable of, also has that is scale more small of wood floor, it of anti-deformation to on more strong, if said in floor under laying to warm, so floor of thickness than it small some on can.
2, and containing water rate, like wood floor selection of time needs attention which aspects, this are is we to consider to of, General we in purchase words stores will marked containing water rate of how many, but this often is no of, floor manufacturers think, we also needs to understand since a bedroom locations of uniform containing water rate, two a containing water rate is common words, so of wood floor is compared right of.
3, solid wood flooring lines cannot both be the same, so if we are buying flooring lines are always the same, then we can ask the store if it's metal and wood paint film on the surface of the floor must be even and bright and full, no cavities, also pay attention to the wear resistance, such as.