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Flooring trends
Nov 14, 2016

Degree of attention as people's environment and resources continues to increase, now they have begun to vigorously develop recycling technologies, development of the national economy and it has had a small impact on environmentally sustainable development, and the use of waste plastics and wood fibre production technologies to meet this requirement.
Composite floor material is will in recent years yilai only appeared of a most new of environmental building materials, in domestic market among also is a just started of stage, but wood plastic composite and manufactures of growth also are has quite big of development space, for consumers for words, wood plastic floor also are is belongs to energy-saving environmental type of products, plastic wood floor also will became has future of a trend trend where.
Wood products use raw materials using waste plastics as well as wood waste, forestry and cellulose as a substrate, such as straw, also the plus does not contain any harmful ingredients, and can be recycled again, claim to be the true meaning of environmental protection, energy efficiency, use of renewable resources and innovative products.