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Partial damage Wood flooring how to deal with
Nov 14, 2016

Wood floor partial damage repair of destroyed the first floor to be replaced, and then completely removed. Tools for specific actions is to be replaced by short cut through the floor, then saw appearances saw the floor would need to be replaced, then into small pieces out of the floor, but in the process to ensure that no damage to the surrounding floor. After removing the floor, but also clean up the glue around to ensure clean with tongue and Groove is easy to install. If cleanup is not complete, uneven seams or loose. Disposal of glue, you can use small pieces of the new rabbet floor sliding back and forth on the interface found residue rubber track and clear to ensure the repaired the floors beautiful.
Then dispose of the new floor. Saw off a new notch in the side of the lower part of the floor and clean the whole tongue-and-Groove, pay attention to reserve some space. The rabbet around the floor covered with glue, and apply glue at the new flooring with tongue and Groove, and then placed in the interstice of the used plates. First long side tongue and short-side corner of the tongue slot embedded in the floor around the original edge, then press the notch by hand and mat gently into wood with special tools. Need to be reminded that device than before the new Board and space length is consistent, if the new length can be short, short will only change the floor, resulting in losses.