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PVC roll floor standards
Nov 14, 2016

1, EN651:1996, including sheet flooring and block flooring, this section applies only to roll the floor;
2, this part is different from EN 651:1996 product classification;
3, this part of the appearance quality of the sheet flooring, EN 651:1996 no;
4, the use of wear resistance test method is different;
5 items, increasing the limit of harmful substances.
6, instead of GB/T 11982.1-1989 ((1th part with the substrate PVC flooring PVC flooring.
7, compared with the GB/T 11982.1-1989 the main changes are as follows:
8, according to the product's use, wear resistance is divided into household General, household durable, commercial general-purpose, commercial durability;
9, cancel the first-class product, first-class, certified product classification;
10, according to whether the products have a foam layer, using different thickness gauge thickness;