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Several methods for maintenance of laminate flooring
Nov 14, 2016

1, was just laying on the floor after the first, you should always stick to indoor air circulation.
2 smooth, overweight items should be put aside, furniture and weights were not able to push-and-pull of the hard line, avoid scratching or emergence of a wear-resistant layer of appearance.
3, not scraping with a sharp object, the appearance of the floor.
4, the application must not use water soaked the floor, if accidents should be taken with a dry mop up the floor.
5, floor dry cleaned, if dirt floor appearance, usually not of the water tide dry mops can.
6, to prevent floor was cooking baked distorted.
7, should be placed in front a increased-mat, reduce wear on sand on the floor.
Floor cleaning agent for 8, elimination of spots and stains. Unavailable items cleaned with a damage function enhancement, eight maintenance method for laminate flooring such as metal, nylon rubbing pad and powdered bleach stains.

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