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What are the measures to prevent the hollowing of wood flooring
Nov 14, 2016

1, first floor, first called for the smooth surface, no potholes, mutation, tip of the exposed aggregate phenomenon, if not easy to eliminate these defects can be filled with coarse sand, preventing damage when pouring concrete moisture barrier, resulting in leakage.
2, and moisture layer of laying, important room of moisture layer, should be do thousand Pu volume material moisture layer, but seams to dry posted key collection, General are is civilian room including Cook, toilet, with thickened of agricultural film, this place as long as Pu Shang a layer on can, also has is stay to ping mixed soil pouring finished to and hardening yihou, only cut to high out mixed soil part of volume material.
3, building concrete, concrete plays a certain role, we manually scraping after the man, compaction, and proceed.
4, when set up joists in the nail, and requires flat on the surface, the space it should be less than or equal to 300mm, and use a nail or a top of the cement in concrete requires the smoothness of the joists meet the acceptance criteria, so as to get a perfect surface.
5,-bashing film, joists after the surface was covered with a layer of mulch, empty shops, but when seams to dry tape paper, and make sure it is not damaged.
6, nailing flooring, floor joists and nailed at each end of a floor, not fully fit, slot width of flooring from the wall will not be too dense.