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Why install wood flooring is not suitable for floor heating
Nov 14, 2016

The high moisture content of the wood floor, when in use with warm, prone to deformation, up problems, even without heating cases, maintenance laid undue deformation can occur
Maintenance up compared complex, in using and maintenance Shang too more trouble, itself wood floor maintenance up on is tired, if in installation Shang to warm, that maintenance of when on more complex has, warming and cooling are need once degrees to, and floor need a adapted process, such floor of beautiful may on will by effect, and in using of when also will increased some not necessary of trouble
Poor heat transfer effects, in fact, relatively poor heat transfer effect of wooden floor, to warm when in use, may result in a waste of resources, if small thermal conductivity, to achieve the same heating effect, higher operating costs
Wood floor installation problems are the key factors affecting heating, floor pavement when going out to the keel, keel the Middle air, this will reduce the thermal efficiency
Actually, the ground at the time of installation, a big no-no is to use a wood floor, and if they are used in, it will easily create indoor temperature does not reach or a floor crack, arching of the phenomenon, so if you intend to install heating, do not use wood floor.