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Wood floor waxing polishing time limit
Nov 14, 2016

Floor wax itself is a solid of products, so said low temperature Shi also will rendering solid, can soon of into to material among, makes plate has a is good of strong degrees, high of wear sex and fief of effect, with wood floor manufacturers production out these different type of plate, now these plate using of also are increasingly widely, floor wax this a products also are increasingly more has.
Now these floor wax of form also is divided into three species, solid, cream-like and liquid this three species, which solid wax because using not convenient and sales is gradually of reduced trend, and this compared words, cream-like and liquid wax of sales is thriving, floor wax most main of role is in floor Shang can formed protection film, glazing, extended floor using of life, makes floor more of beautiful, to a common of floor for example, such view wood floor seems simple of formula, is can up to is good of self protection capacity, Also features a scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant, anti-moth function.
But we use the wood floor wax does have certain risks, floor wax is a kind of inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, especially in the process of waxing, floor wax becomes volatile solid is attached to the floor, volatile matter content of the air will gradually increase, greater extent to meet the fire can burn.