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WPC Ultrafiltration Technology
Jun 08, 2017

Production of concentrated whey protein (WPC) using ultrafiltration technology, which is a membrane separation technology. Unlike electrodialysis, ultrafiltration separates molecular-sized particles and separates them under pressure. Ultrafiltration separates any insoluble matter and dissolves with a molecular weight greater than 20000 Da. The substance trapped by the ultrafiltration membrane is referred to as a retentate and the substance passing through the ultrafiltration membrane under pressure is called permeate. The permeate contains most of the lactose, minerals and moisture. The retentate is about 1-4% of the volume of the raw whey, and the retentate can be dried to produce a concentrated whey protein powder having a protein content of 35 to 85%, if necessary.

Concentrated whey protein powder is spray dried in medium and low temperature process, thus maintaining the natural form of protein, with excellent solubility. New Zealand is the world's largest producer of concentrated whey protein powder,WPC with an area of tens of square kilometers of ultrafiltration membrane.

Concentrated whey protein is widely used in food processing industry,WPC such as ham, custard, candy, crab stick, cake, infant formula, sports drinks, formula nutrient feed.

Most of the concentrated whey protein powder contains 5-7% milk fat, which is a cream separator that can not be removed. Therefore, the most advanced concentrated whey protein production process before the ultrafiltration using microfiltration (retention of molecular weight greater than 200000Da particles) separation of milk fat, prepared almost no milk fat concentrated whey protein. This high-quality protein is very suitable for the preparation of sports drinks, such as fitness drink drink.