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Vinyl Floor Heat Resistance, Toughness And Fatigue Resistance
Jun 08, 2017

Vinyl Floor: also known as ethylene anti-corrosion floor, anti-corrosion floor, anti-corrosion works, floor anti-corrosion paint, anti-corrosion floor paint or anti-corrosion tank, pool, etc. Application: anti-strong acid, alkali, chemical solvents, Anticorrosion properties are demanding requirements for cement, concrete floors and drains, alkaline pond chemical storage tank surface layer or mortar surface layer, block surface layer and floor and isolation layer. Features: 1, excellent mechanical properties, heat resistance, toughness and fatigue resistance; Construction profile: 2, the product viscosity is low, easy construction, can be cured at low temperature and curing

Traditional carpet, then it is easier to breed mites, and care will be more trouble, the brand, then there are Shanhua carpet, hippocampus carpets, Tibetan sheep carpet, red carpet, foreign Polish dragon carpet, Milan, Italy, Germany ASTRA, WISSENBACH carpet, LOUVRE French Louvre carpet, French Auchan carpet. Large area laying I suggest that the choice of vinyl braided carpet, so that will not breed mites bacteria will not mold, cleaning care is also very simple, good vinyl woven carpet on the selection of the Swedish dragon carpet

2, low viscosity, easy construction, and curing time can be adjusted; 3, at 100 degrees below, to resist the resistance, resistance to fatigue, Most of the acid, alkali, salt and other chemical reagents erosion; 4, can be cured at low temperatures.

Vinyl ester composite anti-corrosion waterproof coating material for the vinyl ester, polyethylene, polychlorotrifluoroethylene, tertiary carbonic acid and polysiloxane resin mixed liquid system. Polyvinyl chloride has good acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt tolerance and resistance to mold performance; tertiary carbonic acid for and inorganic Curing agent and resin grafting of the link gene, in particular, and the concrete surface plays a strong role in bonding; polysiloxane has a strong defoaming, wetting effect, is conducive to powder, liquid material

Laying in the concrete first cast block on the inside of the template, the joints should be tightly connected but not lap, should be cut in the section of the fabric by the structure of the cut, and numbered on the scene in the stitching, the use of manufacturers processing good tenon embedded , To ensure that the joints are tightly connected. Polyethylene closed-cell foam board, is a new type of joint sealing material, by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other units repeatedly tested to prove that its performance and wood, cork, rubber, asphalt compared to closed-cell foam board in foreign Has been widely used in roads, road bridge expansion joints, overpasses, highways, airports