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Basketball Court Flooring And The Difference Between Ordinary Home Flooring
Nov 14, 2016

Basketball field wood floor and general household wood floor Zhijian exists with is big difference, it of bearing load and the firm of using life must reached game and the training of requirements, as activities basketball frame and the related sports facilities in wood floor Shang mobile Shi, wood floor of surface and structure cannot so was damage,, so sports wood floor structure complex, level more, on material of physical and the mechanical performance requirements high. In addition, there are activities such as floor wear resistance, stain resistance, hardness of the paint film, require surface easy to foaming, avoid considerations on color difference of reflective detail with strict quality control requirements. Basketball sports flooring requirements why so high? Because the basketball floor needs to have movement, protection and technology, the three basic functions. People in movement Shi formed of impulse role to wood floor plane will produced vibration, sports wood floor of structure must has vibration absorption function, that athletes jumped up down to wood floor Shi, must has 53H above of impulse was wood floor absorption off, to up to protection people of ankle joint, and half months Board, and spine, and brain of role, makes people in movement Shi not by hurt.