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Benefits Of PVC Dance Floor Glue
Nov 14, 2016

Comfortable, lightweight, wear-resistant, environmental protection--dance flooring's unique personality, modern decoration, dominance of traditional flooring has declined, replaced by a more human and more science and technology of the modern floor in this trend, dance flooring has been gaining ground. For those families with elderly people, children or to setting up yoga, dance space in the home's owners, dance flooring is a full of tempting choices.

Dance room floor pad's main ingredient is polyvinyl chloride, PVC is nontoxic and renewable resources, it has a lot of uses in people's daily lives, such as utensils, medical Infusion bags, environmental protection is no need to worry. Stone plastic floor (film) main ingredient is natural stone powder, tested by the authority of the State Department do not contain any radioactive element, is green the new flooring. Any qualified dance flooring needs IS09000 international quality system certification and ISO14001 international environmental protection certification.

Dance room floor adhesives through national testing authority, YOSO dance room floor adhesive vinyl chloride monomer content in qualified, competent, qualified Cd content of soluble lead content, volatile matter content of qualified, VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions 4 times below international standards, there is no radiation. Is a safe to use eco-friendly flooring.