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Classification Of Solid Wood Sports Flooring
Nov 14, 2016

Wood movement floor by structure form of different classification can divided for single layer, and double and multilayer composite structure form. single layer structure sports wood floor main by surface layer floor and keel factory layer or only a level layer floor laying and indoor stadium with floor; double structure sports wood floor main by surface layer floor, and hair layer floor, and keel layer, and moisture layer and elastic rubber pad layer, material composition of composite structure form; multilayer composite structure sports wood floor is currently top other sports wood floor, except has double sports wood floor structure characteristics outside, Its keel to equally spaced vertical cross paving layer of senior sports flooring.
Classification by applied materials, surface materials, coat the floor and joist floors. the top floor in the sports flooring structure dominated by wood. mainly soft pine Board floor layer or multi-layer plywood, coat floor located between floor and joist layer. keel mainly pine have or multi-layer plywood and laminated veneer lumber as a frame material.