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Dryback Floor The Beauty Of The Pursuit Of Individuality
Oct 20, 2017

Now Dryback Floor material and color is richer, then how to use the floor to urge Wang's own wealth?? What is the color and pattern of the floor?

To the West living room floor: green Most prosperous

The orientation of the living room in the west, the Western five elements belong to gold, from the five elements of Eric said, Kinkmu for its wealth, that is to say that wood is gold wealth. Green is the representative color of wood, the living room floor color is mainly green, can play the effect of prosperous wealth. And the sun in the west, in the afternoon, the living room will be more hot and bright, with the green Department of the layout of the vision has a cushion, the feeling will also cool pleasant people.

East living room Floor: yellow most prosperous

The orientation of the living room is in the east, the East Five elements belong to wood, is the wood gas when flourishing place, according to the five element other principle, the wood gram soil subject to the gram is the wealth, that is to say the soil is the wood wealth. Yellow is the representative color of the Earth, the living room floor color is mainly yellow, can play the effect of prosperous wealth. And the east is the place where the sun rises, with the earth lining, like the sun high on the land, a lush and bright scenery.

North living room Floor: red Most prosperous

The orientation of the living room in the north direction of home, the northern five elements belong to water, five elements other, water grams for its wealth, that is, the fire is the wealth of water. Red is the representative color of the fire, if the home of the living room towards the north, the living room floor color red, can play the role of wealth. The northern cold, with a fire-like red dress will give a feeling of warmth, if the use of white, blue and other cold tones, will only let people feel cold on the cold.

South to the living room floor: Light or white most prosperous

Living room at home in the direction of the South, the South five elements belong to fire, five elements other, fire gramgold for its wealth, that is to say gold is the wealth of fire. White and light-colored system is the color of gold, if the home of the living room towards the south, the living room floor color to white or light-colored system, can play a prosperous wealth. And the south wind hot and dry, with white, light-colored system of this kind of cool colors to decorate, but also can reduce the heat and heat temper.

1, wood Dryback Floor wood grain should not be straight to the door, no matter what kind of wood, its arrangement should make the wood grain oblique to the house, such as flowing water slanting into the house, but the wood grain is not straight into the door, such as straight ominous.

2, Day clear ground turbid: In Chinese geomancy science, the smallpox represents the day, the floor represents the ground, the wall is represents the person. The color of the ceiling should be as light as possible, and the floor should be darker than the ceiling. Such days, the Earth, talent to the harmony. Otherwise, the people in the House will do things turvy and put the cart before the horse.

3, the floor should be smooth, but not too smooth. Floor formation implies that the master's movement is smooth, also can avoid accidentally tripped. Some friends use pebbles to decorate the ground, but this rugged floor, sometimes let a person fall, also implied the host's luck has a bumpy ride.

4, floor pattern to symbolize auspicious as the first choice. No matter what kind of wood Dryback Floor, whenever there is a pattern on it, it is good to symbolize auspicious. Some friends like to pursue the beauty of individuality, in the selection of the floor to reflect this point, that there are auspicious moral, common patterns too vulgar. This is from the point of view of feng Shui, is undesirable.

5, the floor color should be consistent with the function of the room and do not flush crime. The five elements of wood, gold, fire, water and soil respectively correspond with the Qing, white, red, black and yellow. The consistency is the same as the opposite.