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Flooring Industry How To Do Micro-marketing
Nov 14, 2016

First of all, understanding of user needs and demand, pushing some humanistic contents, just as if the user is not on a public platform in your ads, looking for publicity, but what can you give them? For the flooring industry, in the usual push information, instead of pushing advertising and promotion, but appropriate interspersed with graphic information about the home building materials. Makes the flooring industry in the eyes of users is no longer cold, but solid and human nature.
Second, micro-letter marketing is a reputation marketing way, so in user heart set reputation is important, a has responsibility of enterprise, in to profit for purpose of while, also to in consumers Zhijian set good of reputation, on like more than 10 years Qian Zhang ruimin led Xia of Haier, although now electrical air conditioning market has was gree, and beauty of this two big strong Enterprise basic monopoly, but now of Haier in electrical market still occupies place, this by of is Haier for decades years as day of reputation and service, saying " Starving the camels is bigger than a horse "fit very well here.
Finally, the flooring industry, is also the most crucial--location, only product positioning, product promotion will achieve a multiplier effect. Companies may be able to fully achieve business integration, to maximize profits.