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How To Maintain PVC Floors
Nov 14, 2016

With antibacterial, non-slip PVC flooring, sound-absorbing, the foot feeling is comfortable, easy to clean, and other advantages. The cleaning and maintenance of science not only makes the bright colors of the floor, and prolongs life.
1, dust and sand will damage the ground material, such as contaminated material, which may cause discoloration, so please feel free to get rid of these substances, and cleaned on a regular basis.
2, serious, with neutral cleaning reagents, then scrub with wet Burlap, do not use steel wool, wire brushes to clean up dirt and prevent damage to the floor surface.
3, use water more cloth when cleaning, to prevent moisture from the connecting part or parts immersed perpendicular to the grain and product stickers and joints opening in.
4, solvents, furniture, paint, radioactive liquids, medicines and other products when it drops the ground, need to use alcohol as soon as. Note: when using acids or strong solvents such as acetone, may have contaminated area, softening and discoloration.
Category 5, oil-stained neutral reagent can be used for cleaning.
6, is waxing the surface routine cleaning do not use wet mops cleaning to prevent wastewater on the surface of the wax layer, or cause a wax layer of the shell. Use a slightly damp MOP to clean dust on the surface of local polluting local cleanup.