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Sports Flooring Brands Have In Common
Nov 14, 2016

1. product standardization
Generally large and medium enterprises producing products with the brand of the product quality stability, some small processing enterprises ' production and product quality are not protected, compared with the big brand products and unstable quality, same sports flooring manufacturer, too, so we choose must pay attention to the brand's quality.
2. functional diversity
Now with people for products of requirements constantly improve and on products of environmental consciousness constantly increased, meet different population of needs is now enterprise production of standard, so in production products Shi to constantly of for technology of improved and innovation, to achieved various people of different purpose, movement wood floor production manufacturers is as, only put products do do fine to in this a field has big of development.
3. moisture resistance
Sports flooring products from suppliers must be characteristics, we all know that wood flooring is relatively easier for damp cement floor, once the humidity will deform, it will affect the life of the floor will also affect the movement of athletes and physical condition, so it is very important.
4. stability
General sports flooring products from manufacturers usually use large format plates, and the size is relatively large, thicker than our family the wood flooring is also much thicker, so as to make it more stable, to fit the needs of athletes in sports site.