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Sports Flooring Maintenance Considerations
Nov 14, 2016

1, first of favourable external conditions are the Foundation of wooden floor maintenance, usually wooden floor must have a moisture-proof, leak-proof environment and use conditions of temperature and humidity are suitable to avoid bruising, scratches on the surface of the floor, not hard objects at the wood floor dragging, scrolling to prevent surface damage.
2, sports floors are specially designed for sports competitions and training, so you want to make non-staff care, is strictly prohibited. Venues normally open, anyone into the Hall must be changed trainers, temporary entry of staff must also wear flannel shoes before entering.
3, non-wearing studded and gravel's hard heels into the wood-floor Court, should be set up at the entrance to clean the sole glue pad, extra shoes, or other facilities to prevent floor damage.
4, usually within the Museum to maintain relative equilibrium humidity of of the four seasons. Solid wood flooring suitable for indoor humidity should be maintained around probabilities varied, the indoor temperature should be controlled between-5 c-30 c. In order to make wood flooring suitable for the environment, during the dry season, open air to be humidified air, or too much humidity difference will damage the floor, resulting in floor cracks in large area. During the rainy season should pay attention to ventilation and to prevent leaking doors and Windows, to prevent persons shoes, rain gear, water on the floor. Never allow water to soak the floor should be checked frequently.