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Vinyl Floor Giving A Sense Of Serenity And Comfort
Aug 09, 2017

Lighting is not sufficient room, the Vinyl Floor to choose the main high brightness, color suitable for the main; good lighting room, the Vinyl Floor is free to choose;

Color will affect people's visual effects, warm colors for the expansion of color, cool color for the shrink color. Therefore, the small size of the room to choose the warm Vinyl Floor of the Vinyl Floor, people have the feeling of expanding the area. On the contrary, large rooms can choose cool colors.

Because the ground decoration is a permanent decoration, so to choose a more neutral color. Light-colored furniture can be any combination with the depth of the color of the Vinyl Floor, but dark furniture and dark Vinyl Floor with the extra care should be careful to avoid "black Mongolia" depressed scene.

Wood Vinyl Floor color selection first consider the issue of room lighting. The quality of the lighting is limited to the choice of the color range of the Vinyl Floor, the Vinyl Floor is higher, good lighting room can choose a larger range, the depth can be, and the lower Vinyl Floor, lighting room is not sufficient to pay attention to choose a higher brightness, color Shallow Vinyl Floor, as far as possible to avoid the use of dark.

Warm colors for the expansion of color, cool colors for the contraction of color, so the small area of the room to choose a dark or cool Vinyl Floor, people have the feeling of expanding the area, if the choice of thick color warm Vinyl Floor (such as mahogany Vinyl Floor), will make space Appear more narrow, depressed.

For example, the living room is the public area of the family members, but also the main place for the daily living and reception of the guests, so it is best to use a clear texture of natural, soft pastel, to create a bright, simple atmosphere, the bedroom is the owner of the rest, Warm or neutral color of the Vinyl Floor, giving a quiet, comfortable feeling, if you want to highlight the characteristics of the study, parquet is a good choice, such as scholarly elegant and long, with a high visual ornamental value.

Decoration style is also the choice of Vinyl Floor color must be considered one of the important factors, different decoration style, if the Vinyl Floor selection is not appropriate, not only can not play the finishing touch of the effect, but also may make the original unified style is destroyed, such as pastoral, Classical decoration style, of course, more suitable for fresh and bright, with natural flavor of the solid wood, simple, modern, Japanese style, is more suitable for simple lines, simple pattern of color.

 People of different ages, the aesthetic concept of things are different, young people like the color full, color impact of the strong Vinyl Floor, so that it is dynamic, personality, mature middle-aged in the tone of the tone, mostly appreciation The color is too shallow, elegant and quiet Vinyl Floor, older people like to be heavy and pragmatic, luxurious atmosphere of the Vinyl Floor, looks more calm.

The ground color to set off the color of the furniture, and to calm and soft as the main tone, because the ground is basically a permanent decoration of ordinary families will not often change, so to choose more wild colors, from the tone that light-colored furniture with Deep, light color of any combination of wood Vinyl Flooring, but dark furniture and dark wood Vinyl Floor with the extra care should be so that the whole room is too dark to produce a feeling of depression.