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Vinyl Floor Good Quality Products Can Withstand The Test Of The Market
Jun 19, 2017

As we all know, Vinyl Floor  ester resin as an internationally recognized high-performance corrosion-resistant materials, because of its excellent physical and chemical properties are widely used in glass steel production and anti-corrosion engineering, after decades of development has become a mainstream material.

Vinyl Floor  ester resin molecular structure is different from the unsaturated polyester resin, but its curing properties can be attributed to the scope of unsaturated polyester resin, high activity, curing reaction speed, to meet FRP hand paste, molding, vacuum Import and other production process requirements, the current application of the most areas of corrosion-resistant areas.

In the last two years, especially in the past 2016, the price of Vinyl Floor  ester resin was once lower, the market dubbed the cabbage price, in fact, this situation a few years ago, industry has foreseen, and now be verified, and not Saturated trend also intensified, the Vinyl Floor  ester resin manufacturers competing began a price war. Do not know this excessive price war, but in reality is a morbid market-oriented, will only make our products and businesses more and more uncompetitive, pulled down the quality of the industry, and ultimately exhausted themselves, killing their peers, pits Dead users, not only hurt China's industrial chain, but also hurt the future of China's business.

Come back to think about why the Vinyl Floor  ester resin market will fall into this cycle? I boldly speculation about:

First, the economic downturn, the market situation is grim, to maintain the old customers and the development of new customers to make the move. That they take the initiative to give up part of the profits to low-cost strategy to seize the market, Boli can be sold, but in reality is a tantamount to suicidal behavior. There may be a lot of people think this is alarmist, cheap, and will really sell it? Market demand and capacity placed there, after the price, the product needs of customers really buy it? The answer must also do not have to say The. Because the price reduction at the same time, the surface is to give up a certain reasonable profits, and once there is not enough profit to do support, companies talk about research and development of new products and technological innovation? No unique products, small profits but also more suitable for product homogeneity Of the era of very few alternatives, and in the current market environment, this era has ceased to exist. Yes, the product no difference, blindly low-cost strategy, such as "seven injured boxing", kill the enemy a thousand, since the loss of eight hundred.

Second, the unsaturated resin manufacturers and relatively small domestic resin factory began to enter the Vinyl Floor  ester resin market, in order to open up new business areas and based on the market, only low-cost intervention. If the equipment and scale from the hardware and other facilities, the unsaturated resin manufacturers than the specialized production of Vinyl Floor  ester resin manufacturers have a great advantage, release production after production are larger, and some small-scale manufacturers of technology Many of them from the original resin plant technology or R & D personnel, they have more or less had a few years of work experience, that has mastered the path, but also began to produce Vinyl Floor  ester resin, but the original Vinyl Floor  ester resin manufacturer In the market has been preconceived, these new manufacturers of products lack of product characteristics, to share a little market share, digest these products, to take low-cost sales strategy is inevitable. But the reality is often not as good as imagined, and ultimately low prices in the market usually just play a "spoiler" role, disrupting the normal order of the market, but failed.

As a well-known Vinyl Floor  ester resin manufacturers say, often imitated, but never been exceeded, the results of these so-called spoiler who can only be a spoiler, in the market reputation and recognition is also a flash in the pan.

Third, the user concept of understanding bias, that the price of Vinyl Floor  ester resin is the simple cost of superposition, it is not true. May often encounter this situation, the customer always think your product is expensive, give you lower prices, with you count the cost of materials, but the product also R & D costs, labor costs, equipment depreciation and loss, management costs, after-sales service and warranty The Last year with some epoxy manufacturers in the discussion of chemical flame retardant Vinyl Floor  ester resin performance and cost, the epoxy manufacturers said that the current market there are some low-cost high-performance chemical flame retardant Vinyl Floor  ester resin, single manufacturing The cost is more than the price, but in fact some of the products through the addition of flame retardants, the performance is not guaranteed.

Fourth, the Vinyl Floor  ester resin anti-corrosion is a functional concept, it is a concept of aging, which is often overlooked or weakened. The same is the Vinyl Floor  ester resin, but the use of anti-corrosion engineering, and some can be resistant to corrosion 5-8 years, some 3-5 years, some may be a few months on the bad, with the passage of time which is better Bad nature to reflect, and that is why DERAKANE, FUCHEM and other brands is always the main force of anti-corrosion market, and other brands can only deter in the periphery. Because the market does not exist really cheap, only the quality of products can withstand the test of the market. From the production point of view, low cost can not guarantee the profit of the product, only in the raw materials and crafts on the article, this way, threatening the healthy development of the industry as a whole, and even made China became a synonym for the cottage, This phenomenon is also reflected in previous years of engineering and projects. A few years ago the cost of methacrylic acid and acrylic acid there is a spread, some manufacturers use acrylic acid instead of methacrylic acid to reduce costs, the results of many corrosion-resistant projects out of quality problems.

Fifth, in the market economy, the product is only a system concept, the customer is through the procurement and use of products to meet the functional demands, the user in the choice of a product to seek product application solutions, including the product itself and follow-up technical service support, In the normal market economy environment, some well-known brand products are after years of user selection and market experience, and proved product performance and manufacturers services worthy of trust, but also an objective proof of the user's choice is a rational choice. In 2016 Guangxi Baise Aluminum a key project, the construction of manufacturers to purchase fake Shanghai Fu Chen company's products and brands in the construction progress to nearly 1/3, found that the project has serious quality problems, the survey found that the use of counterfeiting Fake and shoddy products, and later in the relevant government departments under the supervision of the procurement of regular products to ensure the completion of the key projects.