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Vinyl Floor Practical And Strong
Jul 11, 2017

Vinyl Floor How to choose the kitchen floor, but a very difficult task, because it not only have to withstand the mud soles of the loss caused by it, but also to ensure that milk, sauce and other stains sprinkled above the top can still clean as new. Therefore, the choice of a material suitable for the floor is to keep the whole kitchen clean the key. From the classic stone, wood to the practical strong tiles, and then avant-garde novel rubber and concrete, for home improvement rookie, it seems that in addition to the price difference, it is difficult to determine which material is the most suitable for your home kitchen.

The main principle of selection is to determine your main needs. Do you like a smooth surface or a tendency to bring a sense of hierarchy? Your home kitchen needs to serve a large family or just need to meet the needs of the couple's life? Do you like a bold open design or a low-key conservative style?

Of course, no matter what kind of material you ultimately choose, in the beginning of the kitchen before the renovation plan. This issue of "British real estate weekly" to continue to explain the various considerations in the kitchen floor selection, through the positive and negative views of the game,Vinyl Floor for you in the purchase of kitchen floor to resolve some obstacles.

Solid wood flooring is made of different types of plate staggered laminated, to a certain extent, to overcome the shortcomings of solid wood flooring wet shrinkage shrinkage,Vinyl Floor dry shrinkage expansion rate is small, with good dimensional stability, and retain the solid wood flooring Natural grain and comfortable foot feel. Larger room with 12-inch wide flooring can create a good visual effect.

Solid wood flooring three major advantages are flat, small scalability, can be with the heating system. In addition, the solid wood composite floor sealing is very good, clean up is relatively simple. In general, the parquet is very thick and can withstand the test of polished refurbishment.

Softwoods are naturally antibacterial and therefore resistant to mildew, as well as non-slip, fire and insulating properties (because of its large number of small bubbles inside). Use a wet mop to clean up the cork floor. For some of the corked cork, just use sandpaper to polish some will be able to restore the original appearance.

Phenolic resin floor referred to as PE. In recent years,Vinyl Floor resin has become a popular choice for kitchen floor year after year. Resin material can be poured in every corner of the kitchen, forming a seamless floor as a whole. The current PE floor has three different types of smooth, silk and matte. But the designers are more recommended matte type, because they can be better hidden scratches.

Vinyl resin floor of the plasticity of a large, light texture and wear, resistant to sunshine. The material can simulate a variety of material surfaces, such as wood, stone to mosaic, metal material, or according to your preferences optional pattern. Whether it is geometric patterns, dot patterns or flower effects, these patterns are digital inkjet on the vinyl surface, it looks very real effect.