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Vinyl Floor The Design Is Simple And Durable
May 26, 2017

Packaging floor

Vinyl Floor Although people will not talk about your floor, but it will still affect the overall image of your store. In the busy traffic area where the traffic is very large, the choice of the floor is so much that you will be able to make your store's decoration much larger.

Here are a few tips for choosing the floor:

• Choose a commercial floor floor to ensure their service life and superior quality.

• Check the manufacturer's certificate for each commercial floor manufacturer.

• Material selection in public areas:

• Do not paste the mark that is easy to scratch

• Convenient to move the chair, or the device must have wheels to slide.

• The floor is flat and no heel is caught with high heels.

• The floor color is chosen in a neutral style, so that it can be seen before the cleaning, such as debris, stains, dirt, etc.

• Hardwood flooring Compared to high-emissive vinyl or acrylic flooring, the former can be soldered or easily refurbished when installed, and the high-emulation floor needs to be replaced and can not be reused. Choose a more expensive long piece of vinyl flooring,Vinyl Floor its life is longer than other vinyl-based flooring. Replacing the floor of the small area is also an additional benefit.

• Let your architects build concrete buildings with concrete in the best possible way. Of course not, we are talking about the floor rather than the carriageway. The new technological advances allow the design of the entire floor to be both simple and durable.

• Avoid using dark, highly reflective flooring, which will expose the dirt on the ground to enlarge any subtle imperfections.

• For the floor is summed up:

• Easy to take care of.

• Ability to withstand chemical disinfectant cleaning and disinfection

• It is non-slip in dry and wet environments

• Floor hygiene conditions in the food preparation area meet hygiene standards.

Ceiling decoration

Often in the bakery design the ceiling is very easy to overlook the link. The customer will actually follow the gorgeous colors, unique art shows, and then watch the bright lights, this time they will see the ugly ceiling covered with dust, covered with spider web and other dirt. Bright and clean ceilings prove the value of your store is clean and you care about every corner of the guest's attention.

Choose the ceiling material when the choice of those sound insulation effect is good, easy to take care of health, and can be tightly fixed on the beam, cement board or ceiling ceiling.

Choose ceiling materials according to the following criteria, design unique ceilings and make routine maintenance:

• In order to meet local hygienic standards, you should choose a waterproof, mildew-resistant ceiling in the high ceiling area of the store.

• Ceiling materials can also be selected for wallpaper, wood panels, cloths or other items that can be suspended. The only thing to note is fireproof and in line with local hygiene standards.

• With the measure of exposure, water pipes or vents as the tone of the color, coupled with high simulation of works of art. To ensure that these paintings and these objects are fireproof,Vinyl Floor in the steam outlet exhaust is heat, the water pipe must be tightly impermeable.

• Install more lights to shoot on a light-colored ceiling, making people feel more space. At the same time to understand that the light-colored ceiling will make the vents exposed to the exposed. The local health department will ask your work area to install light-colored ceilings for their inspection.

• Make sure that the elegant mix controls the proper heat dissipation while ensuring that the stains of the ceiling vents are reduced. Not timely maintenance of ventilation is not a good habit, but also very costly.

• With proper skylights, fluorescent lamps and windows can also bring more natural light. The size of the skylight to ensure that in a quarter of an hour time to clean up.

• You can decorate your ceiling as another wall. Filled with cans of the ceiling, the simulation of the oil painting ceiling, mirror ceiling, poster ceiling, simulation beams,Vinyl Floor decorative molds, cloth, etc., all those who can create a theater atmosphere can be used to create a theme or enhance the peace of the environment.


Appropriate lighting can create a good atmosphere, enhance the sense of decoration, so that people who work in the store feel more relaxed and safe, while the light can make food look more delicious. Here are a few ways to let the lights to dress up the display box and help desk.

• The degree of natural light and seasonal changes affect the light perception.

• Activities area in the store - work area,Vinyl Floor walkway, dining table, waiting area.

• You want to create an atmosphere - bright and dynamic, or gentle and romantic.

• Combinations of art and creativity - create tempting features with light and shadow or cover a small area with distinctive features.

Lighting effects can be made in these ways, such as highlighting the walls of the candlestick, fiber technology, chandeliers, track lights, table lamps, directional spotlights or candles.

• Integrated non-directional lighting,Vinyl Floor candlestick lights installed on the wall as long as not dazzling is also a good atmosphere contrast effect.

• With a clear color of light to enhance the beauty of the food,Vinyl Floor incandescent lamp kind of warmer yellow orange projection, fluorescent light has long been a blue and green projection - the real sense of noise! Halogen lamps are closest to white light.

• Install a full-spectrum lamp in the work area,Vinyl Floor which is reported to make people feel healthier.

• pay a lighting designer, he can help you upgrade your existing lighting shape, while the amount can be saving, or a new lighting design.